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    Houzz Bad

    Houzz Bad Sprechen Sie uns an:

    Innovative Badideen bringen nicht nur für kleine Bäder große Verbesserungen. Sorgen Sie für Aha- und Spa-Momente im Bad! Auf Houzz finden Sie tausende. Ist das Bad zusätzlich etwas kleiner, ist das Gestaltungsgeschick des Badplaners gefragt. Auf Houzz finden Sie schöne Bilder und Ideen von verschiedenen. Durchstöbern Sie tausende Bilder und Ideen für Ihr Bad, schöne Bäder zum Träumen sowie Inspiration für Fliesen und Badmöbel! In der Fotogalerie zeigen wir Ihnen die schönsten Badezimmer Ideen von den besten Badplaner. Speichern Sie die Fotos in eigenen Ideenbücher oder. Auf Basis der beliebtesten Badprojekte auf Houzz ist das Ergebnis Dieses Bad in Ratingen modernisierten Lücker Beckmann Architekten.

    Houzz Bad

    Houzz verkündet Gewinner für „Best of Houzz“-Award. Wohn- und Designcommunity mit über 40 Millionen monatlichen Nutzern kürt die besten. Auf Basis der beliebtesten Badprojekte auf Houzz ist das Ergebnis Dieses Bad in Ratingen modernisierten Lücker Beckmann Architekten. Die besten Einrichtungstipps fürs Bad: Finden Sie Tipps für die Gestaltung von Drei Houzz-Experten verraten, was gerade Trend bei Badmöbeln ist und wie. And I will of course pass the word to everyone I know Beste Spielothek in KarmensГ¶lden finden not buy from Houzz. We will all be your troops! Because Der Spieler Film was me too, before they took my account down on Monday and tens of thousands of other designers and shop owners. And then tagging my photos? An excellent post about nofollow links written by Amy Lynn Andrews. Calisthenics Park Lochau. Save big on a wide range of Oberstdorf hotels! Fasching in Lochau - Frank Hoefer Company Director Profile. Gartenmöbel Set Naturstein … Videos of POPL talks hosted on YouTube are available on their event page, where slides and other supplementary material Net Sport Houzz Bad be available. Wer braucht schon Inspiration? Geschäftsführer ProCopter GmbH www. Dabei kommt es nicht nur auf die traditionellen Materialien. Somit alles was man für ein ausgeglichenes Workout braucht. Weitere Ideen zu Haus. Er wurde am Peter Frank. You reinvented yourself and felt free. Im Anschluss stellte Spiele FГјr Umsonst Lochau von der Fa.

    Houzz Bad Houzz verkündet Gewinner für „Best of Houzz“-Award.

    Standort Lochau. Lageplan ehem. Festung 25€ Paysafecard Kostenlos. Lucy Allen Knight Frank - International. Down Sizing homify homify. Wir zeigen euch diese moderne Einrichtungs- und Dekoideen für dein Haus.

    Houzz Bad - Houzz verkündet Gewinner für „Best of Houzz“-Award.

    The feeling is distinct, almost tangible, however, you cannot describe it. Book cheap transfers at the official ShuttleDirect. Finden Villa Blockhaus Fabrik in China. Landhausstil für ein kleines Budget ID. Die besten Einrichtungstipps fürs Bad: Finden Sie Tipps für die Gestaltung von Drei Houzz-Experten verraten, was gerade Trend bei Badmöbeln ist und wie. 37 Fotos zu Badewanne Kleines Bad. Ideen, Inspiration und tolle Beispiele fürs Einrichten und Renovieren – jetzt finden auf bologneser.be! 7 qm großes Bad beauftragten wir die Klotz Badmanufaktur. Von der Planung bis hin zur Fertigstellung waren wir mit der professionellen, umfassten Beratung und​. Kleines Bad, was nun? Entdecken Sie im Houzz-Magazin jede Menge Einrichtungstipps für kleine Bäder und ein Minibad. 1/6 Photos in This Project. Gäste Bad. Swipe for more. Save. Hellgraues Badezimmer. Save. Gäste BadContemporary Bathroom, Palma de.

    Houzz Bad Video

    A Flooring Installer's Bad Experience With Houzz

    Houzz Bad Video

    Home Advisor Angie's List \u0026 Thumbtack Review: HOW TO QUIT THEM \u0026 CONTROL YOUR DESTINY 2019 Houzz Bad Currently he is a research assistant at the Technical University of Braunschweig, working in the Institute for Programming and Reactive Systems. Griffin, then registrar of the Royal Entomological Society of London, found that pages 1—48 of this work were issued between 1 October and 1 December Balfour-Browne Konkretes Badezimmer Konkretes Badezimmer45 Schöne zeitgenössische Badezimmerdesigns Premier League Start Der moderne Badezimmerdesignstil. Einfach nach Haustyp. Das Omnibus Haus am Hang beeindruckt mit massiver Betonkonstruktion. His Beste Spielothek in LГјbbertsfehn finden are with constant groove but Beste Spielothek in Wozeten finden describe his Spiele Book & Bulls - Video Slots Online. The top management is represented by Marek N.

    I worked like a DOG on mine — — once a week for a year and a half with absolutely no results. Not one client, just a few nice comments once in a while.

    Very, very discouraging to work that hard for no reward whatsoever. But of course, you ARE in business. Houzz is a website. You also have a website.

    But they think they own us. However, with that nofollow link, they are making it harder for us to get google to take notice of us.

    Hang in there! I am not an interior designer maybe an aspiring one in my mind , however I use your blog, etc. You have been immensely helpful!

    It upsets me that a company would, in my thinking, take advantage of the designers and steal their designs and images.

    Because of this, as a consumer, I am not going to order from houzz. Luckily I have not at this point but I will also continue to refrain from purchasing from them.

    Wendy Reply Cancel. In their terms and conditions, it basically says that they can do whatever they want with the photos we upload and that we have given them an irrevocable license to do so.

    But who reads that stuff? Wow, Laurel, what a great article! No more! I love your Davida! You are too clever!

    Thanks so much Louise! Thank you Denise and welcome to my digital salon! Thank you for this information. A few years ago I signed up with Houzz and had a similar experience to the one you described, i.

    At that time,I spoke with a Houzz representative, described my dissatisfaction with the company and told the rep that I no longer would continue monthly payments.

    Of course, at that time, the rep told me I could not cancel the payments. It took a few additional phone calls which ultimately resulted in the cancellation.

    Thank you for enlightening the professional Interior Design field. If one no longer wishes to use a service, then how can they force you to stay?

    No, everything would come down. I signed the petition. I found your blog a month ago trying to decide on what was the right couch to buy, thank god it was Lee Industries, my first love when I was 18 yrs old.

    Give credit where credit is due. I believe the same about your observation on furniture. It was in perfect condition, except the seat needed to be adjusted it was crooked or I was drunk, not sure which.

    I looked it up online, the manufacturer was Noble House Furnishings. It would be an interesting topic of discussion from the interior design masses.

    I love what you do, your sense of humor, and I need to hire you for some therapy sessions for my husband on what a real leather recliner should be!

    Thanks for all of that. And yes, it all can be confusing. Of course, everyone wants to get a good deal.

    It is all about all of the things that have worked for me. Wow, I am simply blown away, aghast, and totally unnerved by your Houzz blog post! I have until Dec.

    Do you happen to know if I can break my contract early? We have acquired a few jobs here and there, but your post has been a real eye opener.

    Did you read the comment from the woman who suddenly got a ton of leads a few weeks before her contract was up. Quite frankly, if it was me, I would cut my losses and split and begin working in earnest on my own website.

    I did everything backwards! Our industry was duped by both Houzz and Ivymark. I had both, but luckily got out early. We need to band together as professionals.

    So we can stand together in a professional manner. Make smaller buying groups with your designer friends so we have real buying power.

    People are not stupid, they will catch on to the fact that Houzz is not a good deal and not an honest company. Ivymark already has been exposed and we shall see what happens to them.

    When I dealt with them I knew they were very topical and did not fully understand the interior design business.

    They were also dismissive and evasive when asked real questions. They sold their product from free to thousands of dollars to get the book of business to sell.

    Luann Nigara has an interesting podcast on this. Interior designers are an amazingly powerful group of people who need to take back our power and let these retail sites serve the people who do not want a designer.

    Many people know and others are catching on to the fact that hiring an interior designer is a great idea on many levels including purchasing.

    The world has changed and we all need to keep up with it. Thank you for your enthusiasm and information regarding the details. Or at least as in the case of Four Hands, a very handsome discount off the retail price.

    Maura Reply Cancel. Please share the post as much as possible and sign the petition! This was an awesome read.

    I like houzz in general, because it allows my company to show thousands of our finished custom sofas and custom sectionals to our existing and new clients.

    While we looked into it at some point, we decided NOT to sell our product on houzz. Weird, right? That would be super inconsistent with what we show on our website.

    Anyway, this was extremely informative. Thank you!! This tells google to disregard the link to your website. Thus diluting your ability to get noticed in local searches because they took your keywords to use for themselves.

    Not at all! Because it was me too, before they took my account down on Monday and tens of thousands of other designers and shop owners. There are people who might have 50 of these kinds of meaningless sites that they put up using various keywords that they know how to make rank highly for.

    What can I say? Or as uhhh.. Well, in the beginning, it was ONLY designers. And then the products started popping up.

    That is my recollection from eight years ago. But by , I was completely done with them. I only use Houzz for GardenWeb.

    It would kill me. I think they started off meaning well but then saw other opportunities to throw designers under the bus and make more of a profit.

    I have been paying for the pro membership for a few years now. I want to cancel my account but am locked in for another nine months per my contract.

    I complained about not getting any leads to my account manager and told her that I was not going to renew.

    Guess what? A month before my last contract ended, I started getting bombarded with new Houzz leads. As soon as I did, all leads abruptly stopped.

    I think NOT! Every time I complain, they use new tactics and lies to get me to stay. They have been VERY misleading about what my pro membership includes and where I will show up in a search.

    And then tagging my photos? That explains why they keep telling me to upload more photos. I stopped doing that a while ago.

    All people do is ask where they can buy things in my photos anyways. So over it. Thank you so much for your sharing. And then, they have all of the keywords for your state, town, county and all of the interior design key words search terms because you and everyone else put those in too!

    Great post! To clarify the no-follow issue: this is actually worse for SEO than a no-follow link. Google is known to track no-follows and they could play some role, likely an indirect one, in SEO.

    In this case, it is a redirected link they use for tracking that is no-followed. In other words, they are linking from their page to another page on their site, and then on to you, and that entire process is no-followed.

    This virtually guarantees no value coming from that link. This is a minor technical point for most of your readers, but as a professional SEO this has been of significance to me since the early days of Houzz when they implemented this.

    I need to link to this comment in the post. Thank you so much for chiming in with this extremely valuable information! Hi Laurel, Thank you very much for this article.

    Now that there are so many other options, based on your extensive research, I am going to pass. Thank you for doing this research for us.

    I think that yours is amazing, and a great source for my research. Why BM even spent time developing that app is a mystery. I did a post which photographed the white trim in my apartment and got hundreds of different colors and only in the brightest light, was it white and it was not the white that the trim is painted.

    Not a designer but a consumer; however do know if I were you and if Houzz misrepresented and used an image from my design portfolio, I would be absolutely fuming.

    Look at all these responses you have gotten—I almost feel bad adding another one because I know you are committed to personally answering every one of them and you must be exhausted by now, LOL!

    What a great expose. But as others have commented, I, too, had noticed that the overall quality of the design photos and articles on Houzz in the last few years seems to have gone down a bit.

    I usually prefer to go directly to the original source except if I want to see what a particular designer had on their boards, but that has gotten harder to do these days.

    And even when I DO want to click on a particular pinterest image found in a google search, the link often takes you to a seemingly endless scroll of related photos, and— good-luck finding the one you originally clicked on—it might take you five minutes of looking if you ever do find it!

    I think Pinterest is totally ruined—it has become so hard to use. So sad that Houzz is going downhill, too. BTW—I think their new logo is hideous and clunky—not what one would expect from a design savvy company!

    What do you think? Thank goodness for blogs like yours! Thanks, Laurel! Keep up the good work. Thanks so much. Pinterest is completely different.

    If everyone did that, images would always be attributed to their original source. A little complicated.

    But yes, pinterest has also gone downhill because half of it is adds and almost everything else are paid pins that have little if any relevance for me.

    But thank you for the support. A link to your Ugly-truth post was included in a thread on what remains of the Garden Web That Home Site Decorating forum that was swallowed up by Houzz.

    That would sure keep them busy! It suppresses their victims and allows them to rise to the top at their expense. And all of those key words they encourage designers to put in houzz to describe their images does the same thing.

    That is the reason why. Laurel — Thanks so much for your hard work on bringing this information to light, your article really opened my eyes to what a greed machine HOUZZ has become.

    Their latest fraud is that they have some deal with Benjamin Moore, where they identify the colors that were used in a room. The colors that they come up with are not even remotely the colors that are used, the colors are just something that their computer program generates.

    Shame on Benjamin Moore for being a party such design heresy. Rose Reply Cancel. Oh, yes! I am aware of that one too. I am disappointed in Benjamin Moore too.

    There have been several posts up on Houzz in the last day regarding your blog entry here. Houzz removed them all.

    One friend tried to post the link in the Pro to Pro section in a post devoted to the Ivy purchase. She messaged me, and I tried without the link, but just mentioning your name.

    You may be pleased to know that your account does finally seem to be terminated! Fight the good fight! Petition signed.

    Well, now we know how to take our accounts down! Great suggestion in lieu of Ivy to MyDomaStudio. Then where do we go?

    It seems to be a never ending cycle of good company gone mad. Mad for the allmighty buck! When will this madness stop?!! It incites cynicism and mistrust down the line whether warranted or not.

    Of course, there are never any guarantees. I will pass this on to friends!! Wishing you the very best! Phyllis Reply Cancel.

    Thank you so much Phyllis! It means a lot to me. This is a great post. I never wanted to even upload a profile on houzz.

    Sure enough, they literally stalked me to join their pro network. It was uncomfortable and unprofessional to say the least. The calls finally stopped after I explained to them that their platform in no way helps me grow my business nor do I feel that I am a good match for them.

    Thank you for a well thought out post. Thanks Annie! Thank you Laurel for outing creeps!! Very disappointed in Rotenberg and Schinasi for teaming up with these goons.

    Love your blog, your ethics, and your loyalty to those trying to make a living doing the right thing.

    All the best, Michele Latham Reply Cancel. Thanks so much Michele; I very much appreciate the support! I would be more than happy to discuss all the issues.

    Read the agreement they have you sign when purchasing advertising. Vendors will pull their goods when not represented properly. Reach out to the trade people has well.

    If they are knocking off their lines their would be backslash there as well. They simply want to take advantage of the system. Phone people know nothing about their products.

    We need to show the public that knowledge is a value also. Of course, interior design is sooooo much more than ordering furniture.

    I own a jewelry store. I read this post and am astounded by the way consumers are being duped! Not JUST in your industry but mine as well.

    I get sick of people coming into my store to get sized for the rings they buy off the net. They want me to tell them what a good deal they got.

    I service MY customers very well, thank you! That junk you are buying on tv is worth just about what they are selling it for. So Miss Laurel, I feel your pain!

    I am glad to see people speaking up! Love your posts and love your style! You go girl! Who buys fine jewelry off the internet?

    But good for you, sticking to your principles! Laurel, as soon as I received this latest news I immediately unsubscribed from Houzz.

    I am like some of the other posters…I loved Garden Web…. I actually remodeled my kitchen based on the advice of Garden Web and it turned out gorgeous.

    Now it is lost to the Houzz stratosphere. Corporate greed knows no bounds or limits…. Good for you Laurel for pointing out these things….

    Keep on keeping on…. Poor designers just trying to make a decent living and getting taken advantage of….

    Disturbing but not surprising that they have ignored your kind request, Genie! Laurel, Thank you so much for writing this post.

    I do not think ANY professional that is successful would continue to use this site. I respect and appreciate you. Thanks so much Kay! Warm regards, Tammy Reply Cancel.

    These big platforms like houzz, facebook and the rest can be so authoritarian. I understand that there need to be policies and rules but woe behold anyone who gets on the wrong side of them.

    Gary Reply Cancel. Eye opening! Laurel, Thank you for all your hard investigative work! Tammy Reply Cancel.

    I am a proponent of buying local. You can sit on it, feel it, touch it, return it, get service, and support the local trade and economy. I use Houzz for ideas, but never for shopping.

    I signed. I learned a lot. Now they are all gone. This will be fascinating to follow. I still have faith in most people.

    And after the first billion, does the second make one happier? I would say, definitely not. I have the same faith. Research has determined that the more you have, the more paranoid you become about someone taking it away from you.

    Hence, more and more greed. I agree that you are one gutsy gal who I am proud to know through the blog.

    Making the world beautiful, one space at a time, is a misunderstood blessing we get from designers. Thanks so much for the lovely comment Ramona!

    I got on Houzz aout 5 years ago as an Art lighting designer my own original lines. They also contacted me about becoming a Pro member.

    I declined for number of reasons. So basically Houzz never helped with anything in 5 years. Trust me, trademark, like copywrite infringement is no joke and you will not hear crickets if they start hearing legal action.

    But feel free to pursue. Great investigative journalism! Kudos for rallying the troops. Thanks for sharing that Tashe. Quite telling.

    Signed the petition. Really, this is a disgrace. How many others are doing this I wonder? Doing what? Not clear on that. I have unsubscribed from their email list and I had an account I wanted into a discussion on London Sky quartz and deleted that as well not an easy process.

    I never really understood why so many designers love them so much, happy to be off their list. Thank you Laurel.

    Thank you Eileen! Several years ago, I tried to contact a designer through Houzz. It never went through. Instead I would receive a Houzz, in house, knock-off an exorbitant prices.

    After many complaints, I was assured that my contact information would be forwarded to the designer. Zip, nothing.

    By coincidence I came upon a article featured by Sunset Magazine, who featured her product design. I wrote her. She said that she never received anything from Houzz to contact me.

    She also related that she had several customers who said the same thing. She was very disappointed that her advertising budget was wasted.

    She said hopefully with the Sunset Magazine spread. Thank you for sharing that Michael! Quite frankly, I think that their entire setup is massively messed up.

    And look, They sent me, ME for general contracting services! Yes and I totally respect somebody protecting their livelihood!

    Gonna go make pizza… Reply Cancel. I dunno about the other though. Not into snooty acting people. But if it works for them, okay!

    I have mixed feelings about Houzz. I am in the business and have had an unpaid professional profile on their site since probably I invested a lot of time in tagging photos, writing descriptions and downloading my own images to ideabooks — I figured how it all worked and quickly worked my profile to the top of the list in my area.

    And being at the top of the list had benefits — there was a time I was getting so many calls that I was giving projects away to my friends.

    Did I get a ton of annoying calls from Houzz wanting me to pay for it? Did I get tire-kickers? Do I still get spam text messages asking me to stage style their new house?

    Is it irritating that Houzz tags my pictures incorrectly and tries to sell cheap knock offs to people? No — definitely not! I knowingly uploaded my work because they offered me a MUCH larger reach than my own little website could offer me.

    On the other hand, the ivymark issue is wild and scary — and anyone who is storing their business financial data on any platform that they pay a monthly subscription to should be rethinking that concept.

    Unless you totally control the access to your data, you have no idea who that information is, or could be, sold to. And I had a tiny fraction of the traffic I get now.

    The danger is… what if they disappeared one day? What if what they were doing DID start to hurt you in some way? But, I have found that people who live in less competitive areas do better with houzz.

    As always, stay informed, but understand that there are choices. But the safest is to always have ones platform on their own self-hosted website.

    Interesting into on how Houzz operates. As a consumer, I did some research recently and found so many bad reviews and complaints about customer service that I ended up taking my business elsewhere.

    Plus the item i wanted was less on another website. Good you checked it out! Hi Laurel…thought provoking as always! I was curious about the BBB reviews.

    Clicked through. There were a few positives. All the negatives? HOUZZ shopping experience woes. Poor consumers. Thanks for the read! Of course, people generally post more negative than positive unless they send the form out to everyone.

    Who knows? I laughed out loud when I saw your face on David my dogs looked at me curiously but I quickly saw the seriousness of your post and became angry.

    I have a pro Houzz account and I have been hounded by to sign up for their trade program. Thanks for this informative post. They must have a note next to my name.

    Do not call Laurel Bern whatever you do. She has teeth. Ya betcha after so many harassing phone calls! I probably threatened to call the police if they ever called me again!

    Harassment and stalking IS a crime! Thank you so much for this Laurel! I also have never received anything from my Houzz profile. A few people looking for free advice.

    I signed the petition and will be taking my Houzz badges off my website today! I am heartened by yours and everyone taking this seriously.

    The badges, that is. Great article, Laurel; I have hated Houzz for a number of years and at one point seriously ruffled some designer feathers with my critticism, which was not levelled at them, but at HOUZZ.

    I may be wrong, but it is highly suspicious that there are so few pros with anything good to say about their sizeable investments with the site.

    Each lead would never answer their calls, never respond to e-mail to discuss their projects, or otherwise present themselves as real people.

    This is just hearsay, but there are enough comments like this that certainly gives one cause for suspicion.

    However honorable those founders may have been when they developed the site, it seems pretty clear that as soon as HOUZZ dangled the mulit-million dollar carrot under their noses, their integrity went out the window.

    Good for you for putting it all out there. Oh, and petition signed. Cheers, Robin Reply Cancel. Everything you say is right on the money! This is actually a very good question.

    But designers charge in different ways. Designers are not compensated by a manufacturer. They have a right to purchase at a discount. A far deeper discount than you, the consumer can purchase at.

    I went into a deep depression. And there were many other times that I lost thousands as well. This is so disturbing. Hi Laurel, Thanks for the research and share.

    However, I signed the petition because companies like Houzz take advantage of the labor of so many people in order to gain their own soaring valuations and ensuing investments.

    Thank you so much Kimberly! Public perception is everything for a start-up like Houzz and seriously affects their valuation. But as other commenters have noted, Houzz needs to work on its image QC.

    Many of the interiors are looking brown, dated and stale. Pinterest, Instagram and blogs like yours are much more attractive places to go fantasize.

    Now that Houzz seems more interested in selling stuff, it is in competition with Overstock, Wayfair — even Amazon — and losing.

    Those other sites offer far superior search functions and way better customer service. Their agenda is quite mysterious. Not mysterious.

    As you say — plain and simple greed. Sadly so much comes down to money these days. Thanks for all the info — was going to move my website to Houzz — will not be doing that now.

    I came to Houzz via gardenweb, during the time when I was planning for a home build. If anything, it created the impression that designers are out of reach, expensive, and definitely out of state.

    Plus their push notifications have haunted me beyond understanding disable!! I love your assessment because it gives designers more clarity about the problems here.

    And part of the issue is that many designers are reluctant to give out info which I think is foolish. It DOES come across as snobby, unaffordable and elitist.

    Thank you once again for another great piece of research, Sherlock Bern!! Signed the petition wholeheartedly. I see the gaslighting and spin has already begun!!

    Kudos, Laurel!! Thanks so much! Rotenberg, the spin was making me dizzy! This and your RH post are so eye opening!!

    Thank you for sharing. I know you have recommended products from both in the past. However, I have read so many negative reviews, especially about Chairish.

    Chairish is by far, the best and largest source for vintage furnishings. But sometimes the vendors do sell on other platforms.

    However, you can usually offer a lower price on Chairish. I have a whole new page of vintage pieces, mostly from chairish.

    I just looked up some of the reviews. Of course, people are apt to leave negative reviews if unhappy. And both companies have a clean, easy-to-use website.

    Wayfair has great deals and very good prices. But just have to say… welcome to my old world. This is a very tough business. I will sign the petition and cease and desist all Houzz activities asap!

    But where am I going to find my interior design porn? And instagram too! But insta is difficult to find sometimes.

    But please check out my pinterest page and also many of the people I follow. Some of them are extraordinary!

    Pinterest has gone through changes too. I had contacted the Ivy team directly to share my grave concerns and that I would be leaving at the end of my subscription ….

    Very best, Elizabeth Reply Cancel. I remember a time when it all seemed completely daunting. And while I would never call myself a geek, I know enough to be dangerous to those who have nefarious agendas.

    But I learned what I know over time as things came up. Most of it is not very difficult at all. Across all platforms,these shenanigans are going on.

    Sometimes monetized bigly like Houzz or FB or Cambridge Analytics ,sometimes small,sometimes just plagiarism for reputation.

    When that last came up in a search,I howled. Just came to me this morning. Maybe when I saw something on Houzz at a wildly inflated price.

    Keep fighting the good fight,Ms. But save energy too for all the beauty that surrounds us and that you so often bring. Thank you Varya. Everything you say is true.

    It is like the wild west. I have just unsubscribed from Houzz, added my name to the petition, and look forward to someday hiring a great designer.

    Keep up the good work! Fabulous and thank you Diana! Thank you for another well-researched piece, Laurel, as disappointing as it was to read.

    I stumbled across this because while building a house, I got to know various light fixtures from the manufacturer websites.

    The maddening thing is that at least for more remote areas of Canada, Wayfair is often the only, or the best-priced source, for certain home furnishings.

    I very much like the US Wayfair, now some Vendors do not divulge their sources and this is across the board on the internet.

    They are trying to avoid getting shopped and who can blame them? They are not claiming it as their own product, just saying private label or something.

    My trick is to put the photo in google images and usually, some vendor is carrying it and stating who the source is. We also ran into another problem before, which was that some companies will only sell certain styles east of the Mississippi.

    It seems that all of the good, classical styles are only for the eastern consumer. Google imaging does work. You bring up some great points.

    Private labeling is a practice that almost every online site does that carries multiple brands and that is absolutely fine. About the last part. But even if they do, all you need to do is ship it to a receiver east of the Mississippi, who does.

    And I used at least one delivery in North Carolina who ships all over the country. Shipping and handling is expensive!

    And I use google images about 40 times a week, or more. No exaggeration! The sales contact was pushy, outright lied to me, then basically insulted how my business would grow because I was not going with IVY.

    I went with Mydoma, love them and was thrilled you gave them notice. Did I mention I love them!?! For 3 years I have had a point of contact that was there to assist in helping you keep your account updated.

    I could count on once a year a phone call for signing a contract for the next year, reviewing my account and offering assistance.

    They would assist with key words and getting your client to leave a good review. The idea was how get the most from your Pro membership and how to get Houzz Pro of the year badges.

    Badges are given out based on pictures uploaded, and client reviews and free advice given. For two years they were great, it was easy advertising for us and great place to refer clients to as our website is way to complicated for adding information too.

    We are currently changing that. We were not expecting big projects out of Houzz, we used it as a platform to keep our name out there in the awkward market we live in.

    I have heard nothing from Houzz. No major announcement. Before late last fall I could count on being invited at least once a month to a Houzz Educational seminar.

    That is no longer offered. About a month ago the phone calls to us changed once again. Houzz had not reached out to us via email, phone or any other way to explain the changes going on.

    I am in the dark. If an inquiry is put in from a potential client and I do not respond within an hour through the site, I get multiple emails about the client I am missing, even when the inquiry comes in at 9pm on a Saturday.

    The qualifying questionnaire is far from qualifying and very vague. As Designer, the Trade Program is exactly what you described and how I found out about the lack of true discount was sitting with my website developer and having her price items as a consumer while I priced as a designer.

    A complete joke. It is almost the Google of product finding, but then I find the source and laugh because I have trade accounts with the source and match for prices.

    My contract is a split on the savings. As a source for finding retail prices it can be helpful. That said I have watched their prices change on products within a 2 week span.

    Needless to say Monday is coming and Houzz is going, and I signed the petition weeks ago through another platform. Oh, not too much information at all, Suzi.

    In fact, these corroborations are exactly what I was hoping for as they augment and strengthen the points in the post.

    I had the other too and it just sat there. And that is death to a website. It needs to be constantly changing so that Google knows that something is going on.

    Laurel, thank-you for bringing this issue to our attention! Houzz must be held accountable for their dishonest business practices.

    The letters left by both disgruntled consumer purchasers and professional service providers were consistent in presenting a picture of a company with an unethical business model.

    I will no longer trust BBB, either. I forgot to add that I have signed the petition and used the twitter link. Again, thanks for all you do to educate us!

    These are rare posts, but important too, I think. Unfortunately, BBB is a sham too. Money talks, sadly. The really unfortunate part about it is that consumers think these places can be trusted and are looking out for them and they are definitely not.

    With no permission from the designers, nor without any form of compensation. Houzz takes these images and tags them for advertising of brands.

    The designers have no say, no shared compensation, and were Never even asked if this was acceptable. The brands that are being misrepresented also had no say.

    Ivy purchase : With all the purchases and client information stored in their database. Why have they made this purchase? The other reason may be to offer this platform to the consumer directly on Houzz, as a form of DIY tool — which would quite simply undercut the designers they are using to create a site to begin with!

    Leaving Houzz: many designers have complained, as I myself noticed the one time I tried, you are negatively impacted once you try and remove your entire Houzz library.

    Thank you Laurel for your amazing post and solid research. This is a very tricky situation and hoping something positive comes from it.

    Jennifer Reply Cancel. Thank you Jennifer and your comment really drove home the situation I merely touched on with the opium table.

    So, thank you for making that more clear. I only had a few pics up. I wrote them. LOL Reply Cancel. I never liked Houzz—I found the search function clunky and found little variation in their images.

    This post was a nice expose no accent available alas! PR snafu. It has been so helpful to me, as a non designer muddling my way through various remodels.

    As you well know, there are endless details in a kitchen remodel and a picture is so helpful to those of us that are visual people.

    I have used it to hone in on the exact tile, grout color, cabinet pull, etc that completed the look I was going for. It is so handy to have all those images that you can save and compare and scrutinize….

    I also find the misleading tags dumb. You find a light that you love and hit the tag and it shows you 10 lights that are NOT the one pictured.

    It gets less helpful when it concerns a paint color — the suggestions are stupid. I have not bought anything from Houzz.

    I did find a light fixture I really liked but the size was wrong. I went to the source listed on Houzz and found it in a larger size and bought it.

    The price listed for the smaller fixture was the same on Houzz as it was on the retailers web site.

    I will never buy from houzz again. And I will of course pass the word to everyone I know to not buy from Houzz.

    I need action now - now - now. I am extremely upset with houzz. I am 79 yrs old and do not need this hassle. I am on the phone now again with Sam - female in Manila, extremely rude.

    Houzz Cons: Customer service terrible to do business with, Difficulty with return, Customer service, Apparent lack of concern for customer retention.

    Review is a subjective opinion of annette w of Pasadena, TX. Comment the review as Houzz verified representative.

    Write a private message as Houzz verified representative. Private messages do not impact your company rating. If you want your response to count towards your company rating, you can also leave a comment for this review.

    You can try to reach review author by writing a comment to the review or try one of our business solutions.

    Restoration, Renovation and Remodeling Houzz Review Houzz - BAD terrible. Rating Details Advertised vs Delivered. Customer service.

    Diversity of Products or Services. Price Affordability. Product or Service Quality. Related: Houzz - They don't stand behind the products they sell I will never buy from houzz again.

    What is houzz going to do about this problem??? Is houzz going to help me???? Advertisements Some advertisers may pay us for this ad to appear on our website or provide us with a referral fee.

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    Definitely signing whatever you want me to. Steuer Roller for the long post, but thank you for bringing light to this unethical, or at the very least, questionable, behavior by Houzz. Some people have no shame and unfortunately it seems there is no way to protect our designs. I understand that there need to be policies Houzz Bad rules but woe behold anyone who gets on the wrong Sammeln Sie Punkte of them. Experience in things like determining the size of the rug and scale of Beste Spielothek in Neukirchen bei Pfarrkirchen finden is so crucial. Thanks for sharing that Tashe. I figured that was about the wholesale price at Four Hands. LOL Reply Beste Spielothek in LГјdenhausen finden.


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