Why Having A Excellent Cyber Security Isn’t Enough

A data breach can bring down your business. To mitigate risk of data loss, most of us go for cyber security technology. But even with this, cyber attacks still occur and you are left wondering, what happened?


Here are the 3 main reasons why an excellent cyber security is not enough.


The attackers have the innovation

Those responsible for data breaches and break ins have the tools and innovate all the time on how to carry out their heinous acts. Besides innovation, these are individuals who know where to hit and at what time. This is what makes the difference between a successful break in and an unsuccessful one.


Lethargy by those responsible

Those responsible for ensuring data security are usually over confident about the effectiveness of existing systems. This is sad considering the rising cases of breaches and break ins. Even the vendor who sells you that cyber security software is not left out either. He/she will hype about the effectiveness of the system while in the real sense, the system is not tamper proof.


Ignoring human error

While it is okay to get some of the best tools to prevent against data breaches, you are certainly solving part of the problem. You should not ignore human error. Human error has been blamed for most data breaches. This arises from disgruntled employees, loss or theft of equipment, user error, sabotage, poor due diligence by vendors, spam and phishing among others. These are factors that cyber security alone cannot address.


The solution

Given these 3 reasons you may ask, what is the right approach to cyber threats then? Well, there is a growing consensus that cyber resilience as opposed to cyber security is the solution. A Cyber Resilience Program (CRP) entails the concepts of defense and prevention whilst emphasizing correct response and resilience during a crisis. In a nutshell, an efficient CRP defines the risks, develops a security policy, describes the recovery plan and determines a testing regime. Since cyber resilience is a new concept against cyber attacks, companies will need partners to implement an effective cyber resilience program.


Bottom Line

Cyber attacks can affect the sustainability of any business as well as the security of its customers. Other cyber attacks affect entire industries. It therefore makes sense for all of us to take proactive approaches about cyber security. An effective strategy should be put in place that effectively balances business culture, training, processes and technology. Such an all round strategy will mitigate risk.