mcm When is data recovery impossible?

mcm When is data recovery impossible?

With the advancement in technology, recovering data is a possible thing. However, there are few instances when data cannot be recovered. This,mcm rucksack fake however, is in the extreme situations, otherwise, hard drive data recovery is possible. When is data recovery impossible? We give you some of the instances.


  1. mcm shopper When the physical damage in the hard drive is beyond repair– Permanent damage on a hard drive can make it impossible to recover the stored data. Physical damage on a hard drive can be as a result of impairment of the platter which is always on the hard drive. This happens due to scratching of the platter. A damaged platter means that you cannot access that crucial part of your hard drive and hence you cannot access your data. However, you can detect this problem before the damage becomes too serious. Some sound coming from your hard drive or your computer is mostly as a result of the damage mcm tasche sale.




  1. Damage to electronics– Damage to electronics can be as a result of impairment caused by water or even overheating. If your hard drive has been completely burnt, there is very little that can be done to recover your data. Electronics are very sensitive and a slight alteration could render them useless. Care should be taken to ensure that your hard drive is not exposed to mcm tasche excessive heat or water.


RAID failure


  1. Failure in Raid– Failure of the RAID can lead to permanent loss of data. RAID data is stored in different volumes and it is very hard to put this data back together. The situation is made worse when several drives have been damaged.




What is important to note here is that, although data can be stored, care should be taken to ensure that your hard drive is not permanently damaged. In case your hard drive becomes damaged and you cannot access your data, you should try consulting the experts. There might still be a chance for you and so, don’t just throw the hard drive away.

Why you might not want to trust online backups

Why you might not want to trust online backups

Online backups provide an easy and faster way of storing your data. Many people have welcomed this idea and are storing their loads of data in online systems. Whereas this could be a good idea and a show of advancement in technology, there are some loopholes that people fail to consider before deciding that online data backup is their thing. We give you some reasons to show you why you might not want to trust online backups.

They are prone to hacking– Like anything else in the internet, online backups are subject to hacking. Many hacking cases of data stored in online set ups have been reported all over the world. Your data should be protected and treated with maximum seriousness. You don’t want your sensitive data or information landing in the wrong hands. This can be used to damage you and your organization. When choosing online backups, therefore, it is very important that you ensure that the safety of your data is assured and a working safety measure has been put in place.

They are at a risk of virus attack– No any online platform can be said to be perfect. The online backups are also prone to attack by malicious software and virus. The virus can partly or even completely destroy your data. Before choosing any online backup, it is very crucial that you consider the safety of the system in regard to virus resistivity. Don’t risk with your data, unless you can afford to lose it!

Consider how easily you can access the backed up data– After you have backed up your data, you will need to be accessing it from time to time. This means that you will have to be downloading your data. You, therefore, need to know how frequently and fast you will be requiring your data to download. Data may take time to download depending on your platform and the speed of your internet connectivity. If you have to use an online backup, be sure that you use a way that doesn’t block you from accessing your data when the need arises.

MAC Address: What is it?

Own a mac? Well for many first time Mac users, the questions can be many. Mac does work differently to Windows and it could take a while before you get the drift. However, while the learning curve is around a day in itself, that is only for your normal use. What if you encounter a bug or find something that isn’t working as it should? The one thing thag you would perhaps need to look for at first then is your Mac address.

If you haven’t come across it, the MAC address may be an alien concept to you. It is used in network hardware and provided by manufacturers. It has a great responsibility in running your local network optimally.


What is a MAC Address?

The Media Access Control (MAC) address is used for unique identification of computer network adapters. It is a unique binary code also known as the physical address or the hardware address. The manufacturer embeds the number in the network adapter hardware while they are produced in the factory. It can also be ingrained in the firmware and cannot be manipulated.

MAC address is utilized by different networks like Wifi, Ethernet and even Bluetooth.


Here below in the picture we can see the Mac address on a PC Screen

mac address pc


And here we can see the MAC address as it is displayed on an Apple iMac.

mac address iMac

What is MAC Address Used for?

Identification: MAC addresses are used to identify network adapters uniquely. Your Wifi access points will check the MAC address of a device along with the pass code before granting it permission to join.

Packet Transfer: MAC addresses are responsible for the proper operation of your local Ethernet. It also facilitates transfer of packets in the local network between one MAC address to another. If the MAC addresses of the adapter and destination doesn’t match, the process is terminated.

Network switches also keep records of MAC address encountered at the ports and forwards packets based on them.

TCP/IP: TCP/IP networks also employ both IP address and MAC address to transfer packets. MAC address being on Layer 2 of the OSI model supports Internet Protocol working at Layer 3. Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) is used to facilitate the conversion between IP and MAC address.

But it has to be remembered that there is no routing through MAC addresses.

DHCP: DHCP servers also take help of the MAC addresses to identify a device and render some of them with a static IP address. It is also done with the help of ARP.

5 Facts Everyone Should Know About Data Recovery

Data recovery is an evolving art, just as technology itself is ever-evolving in this day and age. New Internet threats and different forms of malware are being developed all the time. As a result, the importance of data recovery is soaring. Lost data can cost users days, weeks, or even months of work. Moreover, it could cripple your business and devastate your finances. While user mistakes could be responsible for some episodes, malware and software corruption are also likely culprits. Due to the surge in data loss, data recovery has become an emerging field in today’s computer industry. With that in mind, here are 5 facts everyone should know about data recovery.


  1. Data Recovery Software Is on the Market–Users who are tech-savvy can sometimes address their own data recovery issues via software that is available on the market. Those who have a background in computers and/or have spent alot of time around them may be able to replace faulty or damage parts and can use software to retrieve files from the hard drive. However, it is important to know your limitations and recognize that doing it DIY style might result in damage to the hard drive.


  1. Know Your Limitations–If it is beyond your scope, leave it to the experts. This is the reason why many data recovery issues require a trained computer support person to handle it. By entrusting your computer to a professional, they should be able to recover your data without damaging the system.


  1. Data Loss Can Have Many Causes–Many times, users attribute data loss to human error or hard drive failures, but in truth, there are several causes for this issue to arise. Data loss can occur when software fails or becomes corrupted. This is a common cause for data loss and can result in a “data dump,” which can compromise the bulk of the data on a computer. However, malware and human error are also frequent contributors when it comes to data loss.


  1. Data Recovery Is Ever-Evolving–As previously stated, data recovery such as provided by Data Analyzers is an ever-evolving art. As technology grows and advances, so do the approaches used to reclaiming lost data. As our understanding of the problem expands, the number of solutions available to remedy the issue also increases. A prime example is forensic data analysis, which enables users to examine data in order to discover criminal activities, such as fraud. With forensic data analysis, IT experts can reconstruct bits of data from hard drives that have been completely wiped or corrupted. This helps law enforcement to solve various crimes and put a spotlight on various criminal activities.


5. Data Loss Is Preventable–While it is a persistent problem, there are ways to prevent it. Some of the best approaches include backing up your hard drive regularly via external storage or the cloud and recognizing the symptoms of virus infestation or hard drive failure

Why Having A Excellent Cyber Security Isn’t Enough

A data breach can bring down your business. To mitigate risk of data loss, most of us go for cyber security technology. But even with this, cyber attacks still occur and you are left wondering, what happened?


Here are the 3 main reasons why an excellent cyber security is not enough.


The attackers have the innovation

Those responsible for data breaches and break ins have the tools and innovate all the time on how to carry out their heinous acts. Besides innovation, these are individuals who know where to hit and at what time. This is what makes the difference between a successful break in and an unsuccessful one.


Lethargy by those responsible

Those responsible for ensuring data security are usually over confident about the effectiveness of existing systems. This is sad considering the rising cases of breaches and break ins. Even the vendor who sells you that cyber security software is not left out either. He/she will hype about the effectiveness of the system while in the real sense, the system is not tamper proof.


Ignoring human error

While it is okay to get some of the best tools to prevent against data breaches, you are certainly solving part of the problem. You should not ignore human error. Human error has been blamed for most data breaches. This arises from disgruntled employees, loss or theft of equipment, user error, sabotage, poor due diligence by vendors, spam and phishing among others. These are factors that cyber security alone cannot address.


The solution

Given these 3 reasons you may ask, what is the right approach to cyber threats then? Well, there is a growing consensus that cyber resilience as opposed to cyber security is the solution. A Cyber Resilience Program (CRP) entails the concepts of defense and prevention whilst emphasizing correct response and resilience during a crisis. In a nutshell, an efficient CRP defines the risks, develops a security policy, describes the recovery plan and determines a testing regime. Since cyber resilience is a new concept against cyber attacks, companies will need partners to implement an effective cyber resilience program.


Bottom Line

Cyber attacks can affect the sustainability of any business as well as the security of its customers. Other cyber attacks affect entire industries. It therefore makes sense for all of us to take proactive approaches about cyber security. An effective strategy should be put in place that effectively balances business culture, training, processes and technology. Such an all round strategy will mitigate risk.




PC Repair


PC is not something you should repair randomly in case it is broken. You require the help of a special computer repair expert that knows what they are doing since there will be a requirement for specialized repair work. On the off chance that you don’t address the issue at the earliest opportunity, it will be more troublesome later on. With regards to issues with your PC, it’s best to depend on a specialist for offered assistance. There are numerous instances of units getting harmed or destroyed in light of the fact that unpracticed individuals tinker with them. Accordingly, even only a basic repair work gets dramatically overemphasized.

The Need for PC Repair

download-1The whole framework should be reconstructed infrequently. This will cost a considerable measure and it’s presumably better to simply considering purchasing another unit. Thus, if something turns out badly with your PC, make the best choice instantly. Search for an equipped PC repair organization to handle the employment. The question now is the manner by which to pick the right PC repair organization. Keep in mind that there is a large number of them these days, so you need to pick astutely. Here are a couple of things to investigate when you’re out chasing for one.

Computer engineer repairing a faulty pc

Number one, search for repair organizations that are more settled. The individuals who have been in the business longer have more experience. In any case, this is only an assumption, which implies that it’s dependent upon you to confirm how good the repair company really is for you. With the assistance of online assets, you can look for client criticism and different surveys.Number two, ensure that the organization is authorized to work together, particularly in the PC repair business. Likewise look at the certifications and different capabilities of their professionals in order to make sure they know what they are doing.

PC Repair Expert

images-1Today, our computer has become a really important part of our lives. A great many people rely on their PCs. We rely on them for paying out bills on the web and staying in touch with our companions, for checking the climate and booking a flight, and for plenty other things. What happens when this extraordinary partner of our present day lives breaks? Much like a repairman fixes an auto, a PC repair professional fixes a PC. He or she may work for an organization or work for a repair benefit. As a rule, this work requires the utilization of programming to decide and analyze the issue.

The Need for PC Repair Expert

At the point when the blunder is a subsystem or an independent part of the PC, the whole subsystem might have to be supplanted. Some basic cases of subsystems are hard drives, optical drives, video cards that make pictures show up on the screen, or system cards that empower the PC to utilize a system. PC repair specialists work to a great extent with equipment. It’s a hands-on kind of occupation. On the off chance that a man works at a help work area or offers help via telephone, that individual is generally a PC bolster expert or specialist, not a PC repair professional.

images-4There are plenty of computer repair companies to choose from out there, yet be careful about those organizations that don’t straightforwardly show their business licenses. In the event that it is without a doubt a set up one, it will have no second thoughts about showing its authenticity. In choosing a computer repair company, you also have to evaluate the sort of client administration the organization conveys. You can do this by setting an individual meeting with them or ringing them. Additionally, ensure that they accommodate the fundamental guarantees.